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About Me

After hearing the experiences of my family members who fled Communist Cuba, I’ve come to appreciate the luxury of opportunity.  For that reason, I’ve began this site in order to spread knowledge I’ve gained through a decade long career in the financial/tax accounting coupled with almost 7 years of practice in the most effective martial art in the world, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.  Though not at first glance, they have many similarities.

Jiu-Jitsu translates to the “Gentle Art” because of its use of leverage, angles, and weight distribution.  Over the last 25 years, this gentle art has come to prove its unmatched effectiveness, whose principles are applicable to any situation life will throw at you.  This site will teach you the world of Financial Jiu-Jitsu.  We also provide the option to rank our participants as the level of their proficiency increases.  We will take you from White Belt, where you’ll be taught how to survive in the world of money to Black Belt, at which point you would have developed true mastery of your finances.  The belt progression, as in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu will be White, Blue, Purple, Brown, and Black. Sign up for our mailing list to get a detailed description of what each belt entails, knowledge wise.

As for my personal story, I grew up thinking I was going to replace Derek Jeter as the next shortstop for the New York Yankees but that idea quickly went south at around the age of 16.  At that point, my father influenced me to read a book that he thought would really help me going forward.  Against my will, I gave in and read “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki.  That recommendation went on the shape my life.  That was the first of many books I would get my hands on.  I went from Kiyosaki to Tony Robbins to Napoleon Hill to many other classics.

After reading extensively and observing entrepreneurship through my family, I knew I wanted to pursue a career in business/entrepreneurship.  To what capacity I didn’t know.  What I did know was that if you didn’t know your numbers, you didn’t know your business.  That led me to Accounting.  I majored in it and eventually began a career.  My first day was September 15th, 2008 aka the day that Lehman Brothers went bankrupt and started “The Great Recession.”  I had a unique view as a rookie to witness the arguments between bankers and auditors, as to the status of their situation.

While working in the corporate world, I started a tax preparation business on the side.  As I gained clientele, I became the “go to” guy in my social circles for personal finance questions.  After several years of this, I began to see patterns of behavior.  With each unique problem, I researched a fix.  This experience, along with my own personal struggles with money, has led me to helping others through this site.  I believe I can help people release the stress of financial pressure from their life.  Doing so has become my life’s purpose.

As described above, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu has taught me principles that are applicable in life, as well as on the mat.  It’s been a wild ride of ups and downs and I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything.  It’s made me more humble, it has taught me how to apply learned principles, and it has made me understand a level to life that can’t be explained until you go through it yourself.

These experiences have made me a seeker of knowledge.  I’ll attempt to articulate what I’ve learned and relay it through this site.