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Millennials, Money, and the Future

Millennials are facing a world with unique challenges.  Whether its technology making our skills obsolete or global economic competition with America, we need to be informed in this ever shifting culture.  The infusion of technology has changed the landscape of money since our baby boomer parents were our age.  Though we should value their advice, Millennials should not live their life by the rules of the past generation.  Baby Boomers add value to our journey, as they have the experience of time on their side.  We can use that to our advantage in building our own personalized blueprint of success. Using their exact path is a death sentence for your goals.  Below are some things Millennials should know that can impact their money and some industries they will need to know about if they want to anticipate what skills to learn.  This is important in order to stay ahead of the crowd.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or looking for a sustainable career, these 5 industries are as hot as hot can get!

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain, put simply, is a digital global transparent ledger of instantly verified transactions. This network is essentially a chain of computers that must all approve an exchange before it can be verified and recorded. The popularity of Bitcoin made it known, as Blockchain is the technology behind it.  It’s making waves in the financial industry, among others, because the nature of the technology allows money to move peer to peer with little or no risk of fraud.  It’s ability to prove transactions is a significant component of it’s value.  The current checks and balances of our global financial system is done through a myriad of financial institutions.  Blockchain makes these irrelevant, which means lower transaction fees and quicker turnaround.  Not to mention it’s decentralized digital nature gives access to the almost 2 billion people around the world that don’t have a bank account.  Imagine the markets that will be created!  Blockchain application span far past the financial system, as rights to goods and property and even our political system will be effected.  For more information, pick up the Amazon Best Seller “The Blockchain Revolution” by Dan Tapscott.


While Blockchain is a technology platform, FinTech is an up and coming industry making good use of it.  Their companies are releasing applications that make it easier to bank, pay, invest, save, and budget.  Many are free or for a very very low fee.  Whether it be a budgeting app that allows you to Tip Yourself or a download that allows you to invest your spare change (Acorns), it will be interesting to see the results of its users for decades to come.  FinTech is also contributing to society in a noble way with its innovation of financial literacy.  If you’re looking to work for a startup, FinTech is waiting for you.

Virtual Reality

Full disclosure, out of my list, this is my favorite because I think this will be available to most people as a means to make money and experience greatness.  Success will depend on your creativity. I’ve heard of VR coming out for some time now but it’s only when I heard they’ll be selling tickets to sporting events when I got intrigued.  For instance, 71K people attended the Superbowl last year.  With an average ticket price being $3,000, we are talking revenue of about $213,000,000 just from ticket prices.  Enter now, Virtual Reality!  Imagine now if the NFL can sell tickets on the 50 yard line to people sitting on their couches through Virtual Reality?  About 115 million people watched the game last year, let’s assume 10% of them bought this virtual ticket and it cost $100 (totally making this number up).  That would be an extra $1.15 BILLION dollars or 540% increase in ticket revenue alone!  Quarterbacks are already using this technology to practice.  They are making their recognition of defensive formation second nature by putting the goggles on.  This takes the power of visualization to a whole other level!

The possibilities are truly endless as I think about what this will do to the work environment, will we have to attend an office anymore?  Aside from career and money, we will be able to experience climbing Everest, skydiving, or any other event that is out of reach of most of the world!


Lastly, cyber-security is not just the future but it’s the present.  It’s like knowing a language so in demand that few people know.  As our government is now fighting the daily threat of cyber attacks, so are our banks and even our citizens.  Look at all the Wikileaks, hacked celebrity cell phones, and other instances that show the need for this skill.  It’s one of the most desired attributes that the FBI and CIA, as the lack of skilled workers in this area is low when compared to demand.  According to, there will be 1 to 2 million unfilled cyber-security jobs by 2019.  If you’re into technology and you’re in college, this is quite the opportunity.  According to, the market is going from $75 billion to $170 billion in 2020!

These four industries are relevant to Millennials, their money, and their future.  The only way to anticipate changes is to educate yourself on current events, keep your finger on the pulse!

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