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September 2016
Rich people don’t pay taxes because they invest in REALLY GOOD accountants who are skilled in tax avoidance, not to be confused with tax evasion.  In this season of politics, this type of talk is making its way through the daily headlines.  As a tax professional, I see the most confusion in knowing the difference between...
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If you’ve followed tech or business recently, I’m almost certain you would have heard the phrase “The Internet of Things.”  Briefly spoken, it’s the rapid evolution of the internet into everything you can imagine, connecting everything in our lives to the WWW.  It was only a matter of time before this crept into our financial lives....
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How to start investing
As someone who knows finance well and a son of parents who’ve worked hard to build a nest egg, I feel obligated to make sure that their money is well taken care of.  Maybe you’ve been in this position or you’ve been overwhelmed with the amount of financial products/options available.  It sometimes feels like we...
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